segunda-feira, 22 de setembro de 2008

A Apple precisa de se preocupar
com a segurança...

... se quiser ser tomada a sério nas empresas.
Vá lá, nem sequer sou eu que o digo!

On September 9th, Apple released updates to some 20 security vulnerabilities that included updates to QuickTime, iTunes and other software. On September 12th, Apple released iPhone version 2.1, which was intended to fix 8 security holes and repair 3G connections problems. On September 15th, Apple released updates to OSX that includes fixes to nearly 70 security problems. On September 16th, Apple released updates to Remote Desktop, again fixing more security problems.
In the matter of 8 days, Apple released updates to every one of its major platforms and applications. Those updates included over 100 security updates spanning Mac OSX, Windows Vista, Windows XP, the iPhone and the iPod Touch. So how did that affect enterprise security teams?

Está tudo aqui.

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